SensiQ Technologies and Inventiva set up a European Center of Excellence in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technologies

Posted: 9 February 2015 | SensiQ Technologies/Inventiva

Based in Dijon, France, the Center will boast a unique offering for drug discovery in Europe, combining Inventiva’s screening platforms and libraries with SensiQ’s instrumentation…

SensiQ, a leader in surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technologies and Inventiva, a French drug discovery company focused on therapeutic approaches involving transcription factors and epigenetic targets, today announce the launch of a European Center of Excellence in SPR technologies, using SensiQ® Pioneer Fragment Edition (Pioneer FE) instrumentation.

The SPR Center of Excellence is based in Dijon, France. Inventiva’s existing pharmaceutical discovery platform will now include SensiQ SPR technology, which strengthens Inventiva’s current service offering. The new Center also allows SensiQ to offer prospective customers on-site demonstrations at Inventiva’s offices. Inventiva’s entire team will benefit from the extensive SPR experience from the SensiQ dedicated support staff.
“The Center of Excellence will provide additional technological capabilities to our partners. It also enhances our extensive HTS and HCS screening platforms, which, combined with our proprietary library, provide one of the most compelling offerings available on the market”, said Frederic Cren, co-founder and CEO of Inventiva. “We look forward to using the SensiQ Pioneer equipment. It provides us with a powerful tool to measure binding interactions and accelerate drug discovery for our partners”, said Pierre Broqua, co-founder and CSO of Inventiva.
“The newly released Pioneer FE represents a new paradigm in capability and performance. We are thrilled that Inventiva has chosen to make it the centerpiece of the SPR Center of Excellence in Dijon”, said Colin Cumming, CEO of SensiQ.

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