Genomics plc and Eisai to collaborate in analyses of large-scale genotype / phenotype data to inform drug discovery

Posted: 13 April 2015 | Victoria White

Eisai and Genomics are to collaborate to use Genomics’ statistical analyses of large-scale multi-phenotype data to inform Eisai’s drug discovery process…


Eisai, a global research and development-based pharmaceutical company, and Genomics have entered into a collaborative agreement to use Genomics’ sophisticated statistical analyses of large-scale multi-phenotype genetic association data to inform Eisai’s drug discovery process, including target selection, target validation, indication selection and repositioning.

Both companies believe that human genetics and genomics can add great value to the drug development process. Genomics has developed a unique analytical platform for genomic sequence data analysis and interpretation, and combines this with world-leading expertise in the analysis and data mining of large genomic databases. Genomics will be partnering with Eisai’s new Integrated Human Genomics (IHGx) Research Unit which operates directly under the supervision of Eisai Product Creation Systems’ Chief Clinical Officer.

Genomics to be partnering with Eisai’s Integrated Human Genomics Research Unit

“Eisai is delighted to be working with Genomics,” stated Dr. Nadeem Sarwar, Director of the IHGx Research Unit, “Genomics’ founders are internationally recognized leaders in the analysis and interpretation of human genetic data. This collaboration is another indication of Eisai’s commitment to leveraging genomic knowledge to accelerate the discovery and development of impactful new medicines.”

Professor Peter Donnelly, a director and founder of Genomics, said, “Genomics’ research work with Eisai will demonstrate the real value that powerful analyses of large genomic databases can add to drug development pipelines.”

“Genomics is excited to be working with one of the world’s leading research and development-based pharmaceutical companies in the rapidly growing area of genomic analysis. This exciting new area promises to potentially make a positive difference to medicine,” added John Colenutt, CEO of Genomics.

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