LDC and Infinity to work together on oncology drug discovery

Posted: 29 September 2015 | Victoria White

LDC and Infinity will work together to select high-potential cancer drug discovery projects from the LDC’s portfolio and its broad academic network…

The Lead Discovery Centre (LDC) and Infinity Pharmaceuticals are to work together to select high-potential cancer drug discovery projects from the LDC’s portfolio and its broad academic network.

The LDC will give Infinity insight into project opportunities arising from its diverse portfolio and its extensive academic network. This includes leading universities as well as renowned institutes from Germany’s world-class research organisations, the Max Planck Society and the Helmholtz Association. The focus will be on the field of oncology.

Infinity will review proposals with the goal of identifying one or more programmes for either licensing or collaboration. For the projects selected, Infinity may draw on the LDC’s expertise and resources in early drug discovery and development.

LDC will share commercialisation revenue with collaborating institutions

“We are extremely pleased to cooperate with Infinity. With strong capabilities in drug discovery and development and a novel anti-cancer development candidate in registration-focused clinical trials, Infinity is perfectly set to advance pioneering oncology projects into the clinic and eventually to the patient,” said Dr Bert Klebl, Managing Director of the LDC. “Moreover, we are excited to extend our network of collaboration partners into the US. The strong line-up of LDC’s industry partners in Europe, Asia and now in the US highlights the innovation potential of academic research in Germany.”

The partners will agree on the scope and terms of potential co-development partnerships on a project-by-project basis to ensure optimal project progress and a fair distribution of investments and potential returns. Any revenue the LDC may receive from commercialisation will be shared with the academic investors and collaborating institutions.

“The LDC shares our philosophy of discovering new therapies through a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach,” stated Dr Vito Palombella, Chief Scientific Officer at Infinity. “The LDC’s commitment to creating new medicines for patients is demonstrated through its strong track record, and Infinity is pleased to work with the LDC on the identification of the next generation of promising new therapies for the treatment of cancer.”

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