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Unlocking the potential of antibody drug conjugates

1 May 2024 | By , ,

Zymeworks’ Dr Paul Moore, Dr Raffaele Colombo and Dr Jamie Rich discuss how advancements in ADCs are redefining cancer treatment. They elucidate the innovative strategies that are being developed to improve drug stability and how personalised medicine approaches are optimising outcomes for individual cancer patients, offering new hope across several…


The promise of 3A5C7 mAb in the treatment of morphine tolerance

30 January 2024 | By ,

Morphine is a frequently used analgesic that activates the mu-opioid receptor (MOR), which has prominent side effects of tolerance. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) precisely targeting MOR, named as 3A5C7, was developed to treat morphine tolerance by enhancing morphine-induced MOR endocytosis via GRK2/β-arrestin2 pathway. In this Q&A session with Dr Jia-Jia…