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A new era of genetic and mechanistic molecular neuroscience 

17 May 2024 | By ,

Neuroscientists are increasingly viewing disorders of the brain through the lens of the underlying molecular mechanisms as sometimes illuminated by genetic variants, rather than classifying disorders based solely on the clinical symptoms. The next step in the evolution of antiseizure medication will likely come from studying these molecular determinants of…


Assay design for Alzheimer’s disease: key considerations and emerging trends

26 April 2024 | By

In this Q&A, we speak to Dr Emma Murphy, Head of Biology at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute. Among her many insights, she discusses how the challenges in developing reproducible assays can be addressed, as well as strategies used to translate promising findings into clinically relevant tools…


Beyond the lab: neuroscience

15 April 2024 | By

Download this free report to explore the future of neuroscience and current developments in drug discovery. It features interviews with experts discussing challenges and historical influences in the field, the role of neuroscientists in addressing environmental issues, and personal journeys in neuroscience.