Application Note: IDEA Bio-Medical offers a new feature for spatio-temporal analysis of rare events measures, using high-content microscopy

Posted: 15 March 2017 | | No comments yet

IDEA Bio-Medical offers a new feature for spatial detection and characterisation of temporal kinetics of rare events using its advanced HCS system, WiScan® Hermes…

This new function offers sophisticated HCS tools for studying rare events in living cells.

Temporal analysis studies of rare biological events in live experiments (eg, cell divisions or detection of circulating tumour cells) are crucial for understanding complex processes. Such studies however, are often challenging since they are commonly based on individual static ‘snapshots’. In most cases, cell populations are not entirely uniform, and individual cells within such populations are not synchronised. Thus visualising rare events requires systematic, continuous tracking of multi-dimensional aspects of the system, capturing dynamic processes and identifying transient, sometimes unexpected, features. Such tracking must include automatic and highly accurate detection of specific events of interest and the ability to rapidly capture and document those events at high resolution.

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