Drug Target Review – Issue #3 2015

Posted: 21 September 2015 | Drug Target Review

Included in this issue: Drug Development, Microfluidics, Proteomics, Ion Channels, GPCR, Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Enzymes

DTR Issue 3 2015

In Issue #3 2015 of Drug Target Review:

    When 0.77% is greater than 1%: salutatory lessons from the Court of Appeal
    Jacob Gifford Head, Thomas More Chambers
    Immunogenicity: anticipating and avoiding issues for biopharmaceutical development
    Paul Chamberlain, NDA Advisory Board
    Microfluidic technology: the next-generation drug discovery tool
    Kimberly Plevniak and Mei He, Kansas State University
    With articles from David J. Britton and Pedro R. Cutillas, Barts Cancer Institute, and Manfred Raida, National University of Singapore
    Small molecules versus biologics: the quest for the ideal Nav1.7 inhibitor
    Marzia Martina and Martin N. Perkins, National Research Council of Canada
  • GPCR
    Exploiting functional selectivity of GPCRs in drug development
    Niklas Larsson and Torben Østerlund, AstraZeneca
    Featuring articles from Dimitri Scholz and Jeremy C. Simpson, University College Dublin, University of Glasgow’s Rudi Marquez, plus Zuzana Flachbartova, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy. Q&A interview with Molecular Devices
    Flow cytometry: not just a box in a lab
    Rachael Walker, Babraham Institute
    Ubiquitin-specific proteases as druggable targets
    Mindy I. Davis and Anton Simeonov, National Institutes of Health

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