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Pravin Mahajan (Structural Genomics Consortium)



Analysing recombinant proteins by mass spectrometry

5 December 2015 | By , , ,

The drug discovery landscape is changing: no longer limited to big pharma, it is now within reach of academics and small consortia alike. Regardless of the setting, drug discovery requirements are always the same: strong biological theory, good chemical starting material and high quality protein samples from which to determine…


Mass Spectrometry In-Depth Focus 2015

3 December 2015 | By , , , ,

In this Mass Spectrometry In-Depth Focus: Michelle M. Hill from University of Queensland discusses Mass spectrometric and systems biology approaches in drug target discovery, and Nicola Burgess-Brown, Rod Chalk, Claire Strain-Damerell and Pravin Mahajan from the Structural Genomics Consortium look at analysing recombinant proteins by mass spectrometry...