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Pushpanathan Muthuirulan



Omics-informed drug target discovery in combating emerging infectious diseases  

7 December 2018 | By

The catastrophic consequences of ever-increasing rates of death from infectious diseases demands new experimental strategies for drug target selection and drug design. Over the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry has been wounded by several issues including failure of drug-development programmes, burgeoning cost of drug development, increasing regulatory control, lack of…


The changing face in drug discovery

1 September 2018 | By

Over the past decade, pharmaceutical industries have contributed enormously to the discovery of new innovative drugs that have saved countless human lives. Discovering new drugs is a complex team sport that requires an intellectual collaboration across many sectors. These advancements provide powerful tools that arm scientists in the quest for…


Flow cytometry – accelerating neuroscience research

18 September 2017 | By

Flow cytometry continues to evolve at a fast pace and provides neuroscientists with the ability to perform many highly-specialised assays simultaneously. It meets the demands of cutting-edge research in neuroscience that has allowed researchers to isolate particular neural cells from heterogeneous population and catalogue its molecular or physical features...


Flow cytometry: breaking bottlenecks in drug discovery and development

20 September 2016 | By ,

The discovery and development of novel drug candidates is a highly complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Pharmaceutical scientists and clinicians should, therefore, reevaluate and modify the existing standard platforms and increase their uptake of robust advanced technologies such as flow cytometry to overcome the bottlenecks in these processes...