IT system failures in sample management

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Successful compound management and biological sample management stand as key enablers within the drug discovery process…

Computerised inventory systems and sample cataloguing make the use of IT equipment and fluid collaboration between hardware and software critical to both divisions. However, various systems in the pharma industry can speak in conflicting languages which complicates communication and data exchange in various verticals including in compound and biosample management.

IT system failures can have the power to incur large financial and productivity costs. This can often cause work to be jeopardised when compound or biological samples can’t be retrieved when needed for experiments or screens that have taken up a lot of preparation time.

In 2016, Pharma IQ released the Activity tracker report where automation was seen as a priority and an investment must. Compound management respondents stated that system maintenance & automation stood as predominant challenges for them to tackle. To help you explore different aspects in your decision making, we’ve put together this troubleshooting ebook.

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