Richard Goodwin joins DTR Advisory Board

Dr Goodwin is the latest top-level scientist to join DTR’s advisory board

Richard Goodwin, AstraZeneca

New DTR Advisory Board member Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin, Principal Scientist, Drug Safety and Metabolism at AstraZeneca, has joined the Editorial Advisory Board for Drug Target Review.

Dr Goodwin has been with AstraZeneca since 2011 and leads the mass spectrometry imaging team. The group uses MS imaging to investigate the efficacy and safety of new medicines and supports projects from early discovery through to the clinic.

Prior to starting with AstraZeneca in the UK, Dr Goodwin was an AstraZeneca funded postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala, Sweden. He received his PhD from University of Edinburgh in 2006, followed by a postdoctoral position at University of Glasgow. He collaborates with a wide range of academic researchers developing and employing molecular imaging technologies.

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