Episode 19 – A current look into adoptive cell therapies

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Tune into this podcast to hear experts discussing the current landscape of adoptive cell therapies!


Part 1 of our new series: Cell Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Next-Gen Cell Therapy, is now live! In this episode titled: A current look into adoptive cell therapies, sponsored by Cellistic, we analyse the current landscape of adoptive cell therapies and discuss how it differs from other cancer treatments.

This conversation features Stefan Braam, CTO at Cellistic, and Dr Jo Brewer, CSO at Adaptimmune.

Key learning points:

  • Understand the role iPSCs play in adoptive cell therapy
  • Learn about the key differentiators between autologous and allogeneic cell therapies
  • Uncover the future prospects of these therapies in the field of cancer treatment.

Our speakers:

Dr Jo BrewerDr Jo Brewer

Jo is the Chief Scientific Officer at Adaptimmune leading the Research division to generate innovative cell therapies for people with cancer. 

Jo has more than 20 years of experience in immunotherapy research across the breadth of discovery in both autologous and allogeneic platforms.  She was one of the founding scientists at Adaptimmune, who built multiple research teams working on the early SPEAR T-cell therapies including lete-cel (NY-ESO), afamicel (MAGE A4) and ADP-AFP, early next-gen approaches, including ADP-A2M4CD8, as well as her more recent focus on a stem cell derived allogeneic platform. 

Prior to joining Adaptimmune in 2009, Jo held positions at Avidex, Medigene and Immunocore.  She holds a master’s degree in Natural Sciences and a PhD in cellular signalling, both from the University of Cambridge, UK.

Stefan Braam Stefan Braam

Stefan Braam is the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Cellistic and its affiliate company. Stefan brings over a decade of experience in stem cell technology, product development and general management. He earned a MSc and PhD (both cum laude) in stem cell biology under supervision of Prof. Dr. C.L. Mummery and obtained international experience in labs in the UK and Australia.

Stefan won the NGI venture challenge (2009), the Niaba biobusiness Masterclass (2010), published in multiple leading scientific journals, is an inventor on multiple patent families, secured multiple grants and commercial research collaborations.


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