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Induced pluripotent (iPS) cells



Driving precision neurology forwards with iPSCs and new assays

30 March 2022 | By

Precision medicine in neurology is limited by a dearth of clinically relevant models. However, here Dr Evangelos Kiskinis, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, discusses how new technologies such as bioelectronic assays enable real-time, long-term analysis of neurological diseases in a dish, offering a pathway towards identifying…


Transcriptional reprogramming rescues vascular fate of misidentified pluripotent cell‑derived epithelial cells

22 June 2021 | By

A team of scientists has found that a type of cell derived from human stem cells and widely used for brain research and drug development may have been leading researchers astray for years. Here, Dr Raphaël Lis from Weill Cornell Medicine explains how forcing the activity of three known endothelial cell transcription…