Episode 24 – Genetic engineering for allogeneic immunotherapy

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Listen to this podcast where we dive into genetic engineering, its role and relationship with allogeneic immunotherapy.

This episode is the final part of our series: Cell Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Next-Gen Cell Therapy. In this episode titled: Genetic engineering for allogeneic immunotherapy development, sponsored by Cellistic, we are taking a dive into genetic engineering, its role and relationship with allogeneic immunotherapy.

This conversation features Dr Suzanne Snellenberg, Director of Genome Engineering at Cellistic, and Dr Matt Angel, CEO of Eterna Therapeutics.

Key learning points: 

  • The advantages of using iPSCs for immunotherapy development
  • The risks of genetic engineering for CT development
  • What is needed to make iPSC-based allogeneic immunotherapies a reality

About our speakers 

Matt AngelDr Matt Angel

CEO, President of Eterna Therapeutics 

Matt leads Eterna’s commitment to realizing the potential of mRNA cell engineering to provide patients with transformational new medicines. In addition to his role at Eterna, Matt serves as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Factor Bioscience Inc., a position he has held since its founding in 2011.

Matt is a prolific inventor with more than 130 patents covering mRNA, nucleic acid delivery, gene editing, and cell reprogramming technologies. He received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied immunology and synthetic RNA.

bioDr Suzanne Snellenberg

Director of Genome Engineering at Cellistic

Suzanne is a biomolecular scientist with a broad expertise in the most advance genome editing techniques, as well as optimizing and establishing standard procedures to apply these techniques in large scale.

Suzanne obtained her PhD at the VU University Medical Centre and specialised in human genetics during her postdoctoral time.

Prior to joining Cellistic in 2022, Suzanne worked as Head of Discovery Services within a British biotechnological company, leading the design and engineering of new cell and gene therapies. She has contributed to advance the field of genome engineering with the discovery of novel HDR enhancers and the development of robust gene editing platforms.

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