Conversations about the NHS: a bold prescription for it’s future

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As the NHS celebrates its 75th anniversary, healthcare leaders, policymakers, and practitioners have been sharing their innovative ideas on how to reshape and safeguard its future.

In his new book, “Conversations about the NHS,” Professor Dinesh Bhugra, a renowned psychiatrist and former president of the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Psychologists, presents a thought-provoking compilation of interviews with 14 experts and patients’ representatives, each offering their unique prescription for a better NHS.

The interviews touch on a diverse range of ideas, some of which are quite controversial. The suggestions include setting up an independent Bank of England-type body to run the NHS, choosing a health secretary with a background in the NHS rather than a politically convenient appointment, rethinking the criteria for becoming a doctor, creating a network of polyclinics for treating complex chronic illnesses in the community, overhauling workforce planning to accommodate doctors taking time off for family responsibilities, implementing fines for patients who miss appointments or misuse A&E, recruiting retired individuals to update patients on waiting lists, making training more multidisciplinary to promote teamwork, and developing a comprehensive 20-year plan for the NHS.

Professor Bhugra highlights the challenges the NHS faces, such as increased demand, rising costs, and political interference. He points out the detrimental impact of fragmentation within the NHS and the failure to address wider factors like housing and education on overall health and well-being. To secure the NHS’s survival as both a principle and an institution, he stresses the need for policymakers and stakeholders to recognize and address these pressures with forward-thinking strategies.

The author emphasises that the NHS needs bold solutions rather than minor adjustments. He advocates for a long-term plan with cross-party consensus and sufficient funding to ensure adequate resources. Health should not be isolated but interconnected with education, housing, and employment. The integration of public health and healthcare, along with the consolidation of social care and health services, is crucial. Ultimately, Professor Bhugra underscores that health is a fundamental right for everyone.

In his book, Professor Bhugra invites readers to delve into the diverse perspectives of experts and patients’ representatives and to contemplate a brighter future for the NHS—one that evolves with changing times, remains resilient, and continues to provide quality healthcare for generations to come. All royalties from “Conversations about the NHS” will be donated to the Patients Association, further emphasising the book’s commitment to promoting a robust and sustainable healthcare system.

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