PerkinElmer launches next generation high content screening system

Posted: 19 May 2014 | PerkinElmer | No comments yet

The Opera Phenix™ delivers uncompromising speed and sensitivity, accelerating the understanding of disease and discovery of new and more effective treatment therapies…

WHAT: PerkinElmer Inc., a global leader focused on the health and safety of people and the environment, has announced the launch of the Opera Phenix™, a next-generation, confocal, high-content screening system that will enable scientists to perform the most challenging applications with greater speed and sensitivity, accelerating the understanding of disease and discovery of new and more effective treatments.

Basic research and drug discovery scientists in the areas of cancer, stem cells and infectious disease will benefit from the Opera Phenix system’s ability to discriminate phenotypes of complex cellular models, such as primary cells and 3D tissues that are highly indicative of human physiology. More accurate characterization will enable scientists to gain insights into the causes of transformation of normal cells to cancerous cells, or the impact of a treatment on cancer cells.

“PerkinElmer has served customers in the high content screening field for over a decade, and as the requirement for quantitative data in cellular biology has significantly advanced, scientists are seeking to generate richer data to gain better insights, without compromising sensitivity for speed,” said Will Kruka, Senior Vice President of Imaging and Detection Technologies, PerkinElmer. “The Opera Phenix system’s innovative optical design solves this challenge that many scientists have faced with traditional high content imaging systems.”

HOW IT WORKS: The Opera Phenix system’s patented Synchony™ Optics design carefully controls excitation to eliminate unwanted crosstalk in the sample, resulting in better sensitivity without reducing speed. Researchers can quickly and easily turn the high quality data from the Opera Phenix into robust, quantitative results using PerkinElmer’s Harmony® High Content Imaging and Analysis Software that provides an intuitive, workflow-based interface optimized for processing large volumes of data.

In addition, the Opera Phenix data can be exported into PerkinElmer’s informatics solutions, such as the Columbus™ Image Data Storage and Analysis System and the TIBCO Spotfire® Analytics Platform.

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