BioVersys and Enamine announce extension of drug discovery collaboration to address multidrug-resistant bacterial infections

Posted: 2 December 2014 | BioVersys and Enamine

Enamine Ltd. and BioVersys AG announced the extension of their drug discovery collaboration for the 4th consecutive year…


Enamine Ltd. and BioVersys AG announced today the extension of their drug discovery collaboration for the 4th consecutive year. Since the start of the collaboration Enamine has provided expertise in screening of compounds and chemistry know-how for hit finding activities and optimization. BioVersys has brought its unique approach and knowledge of antimicrobial resistance into the partnership. The new agreement covers further involvement of Enamine’s HTS platform and ADME profiling capabilities. Enamine has expanded its team of medicinal chemists to support the collaboration.

Financial details were not disclosed. The IP generated by the collaboration is owned by BioVersys.

Mr. Michael Bossert, Head of Strategic Alliances at Enamine, commented: “There is a high medical need for new treatments against bacterial infections that has emerged in recent years due to the resistance of bacterial strains against existing antibiotics. We are very pleased to be collaborating with BioVersys, an innovative biopharmaceutical company in the field of bacterial resistance.”

Dr. Marcel Tigges, Co-Founder and CSO at BioVersys, added: “We have established a network of partnerships with key players in the areas where we need specific external expertise. Valuing Enamine’s people, chemistry expertise and flexibility, our decision to extend the collaboration was a logical move”.

Dr. Marc Gitzinger, Co-Founder and CEO at BioVersys, commented: “Our research programs are benefitting significantly from the productive partnership established with Enamine. The Company’s set-up and ability to respond to our requirements and timelines demonstrates that Enamine is a reliable partner providing high quality services. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and to reaching the next milestones.”

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