Breaking resistance – the future of immunotherapy in oncology

In this episode, we explore the current status and potential solutions to addressing major hurdles in oncology.

In this podcast episode titled ‘Breaking resistance – the future of immunotherapy in oncology’ we will be discussing checkpoint inhibitors in cancer therapy, and how primary and secondary treatment resistance are still limiting their clinical success in a variety of cancer types. In this episode, we want to explore the current status and potential solutions to addressing this major hurdle in oncology.

This conversation features Christine Schuberth-Wagner, Chief Scientific Officer at CatalYm, and Roy Baynes, Chief Scientific Officer at Eikon Therapeutics. 


Key discussion points: 

  • What were the initial concepts to overcome resistance against checkpoint inhibitors?
  • Will cancer resistance remain an important topic over the next few decades?
  • Are there any upcoming technological advancements or approaches/targets that can help to efficiently fight resistance development?
  • What are the challenges in developing smart combinations to circumvent primary and overcome acquired resistance?

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About the speakers

bioDr Christine Schuberth-Wagner – Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Christine Schuberth-Wagner serves as Chief Scientific Officer at CatalYm.  She joined the company in November 2018 with more than 10 years of experience in drug discovery and non-clinical development of immunomodulatory drugs in the immuno-oncology space. She has established a track record as a successful leader and entrepreneur in the biotech industry. Prior to joining CatalYm, Christine co-founded Rigontec in 2014 where she led the company’s discovery and non-clinical development activities as Senior Vice President, Research. Her discoveries on the first-in-class RNA-based innate immune receptor agonist RGT100, built the foundation for the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial as well as the successful acquisition of Rigontec by MSD (known as Merck & Co. in North America) in late 2017. Christine holds a PhD in Molecular Biomedicine from the University of Bonn and an MBA from the University of Potsdam.


Dr Roy Baynes – Chief Scientific Officer, Eikon Therapeutics 

Roy Baynes received his MB, BCh (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) from the University of Witwatersrand, where he also received an MMed (specialist registration) and completed a PhD exploring mechanisms of human iron metabolism.

After additional clinical training in Johannesburg, and service on the faculty of the Department of Medicine at the University of Witwatersrand Medical School, Roy moved to the United States and joined the Division of Hematology in the Department of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he served as Professor of Medicine in both haematology and bone marrow transplantation. From 1997 until 2002, he led the bone marrow transplantation service at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit, where he was also a Professor of Medicine (Medicine, Haematology and Oncology), and the Charles Martin Professor of Cancer Research. He is a fellow of the American College of Physicians and the College of Physicians of South Africa.

Thereafter, Roy joined Amgen, Inc., where he became Vice President of Global Development and head of the haematology/oncology development team. He left Amgen in 2012 to become Senior Vice President at Gilead, Inc. where he led the establishment of the Oncology, Respiratory and Inflammation TAs, and joined Merck in 2013 where he was Senior Vice President and Head of Clinical Development and Chief Medical Officer. At Merck he was responsible for the development of the entire clinical portfolio in Merck Research Laboratories and was the architect of the development strategy for dozens of important new medicines including Keytruda®, a drug that has revolutionised cancer treatment around the world.

After retiring from Merck in 2022, Roy took on the role of EVP and Chief Medical Officer at Eikon Therapeutics. He is a member of the Board of Directors for Natera Inc., and Travere Inc. He is a compensated advisor to Nurix Inc. and to Decheng Capital.

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