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The value of GPCR cell-based assays in drug discovery

20 June 2024 | By Eurofins DiscoverX

Join this webinar to discover how GPCR functional, cell-based assays determine off-target effects, reveal safety issues, and define drug mechanism of action to ultimately evaluate the therapeutic potential of candidate molecules.


Unique self-activating proteins for drug discovery

5 January 2024 | By , , ,

Naegleria fowleri infections are rare but almost invariably fatal, with pathologic sequelae spawning its common label as ‘the brain-eating amoeba’. Researchers identified two unique proteins within N. fowleri – self-activating guanine nucleotide-hydrolysing proteins (G proteins) – that present novel targets for drug discovery. This article summarises their work to date,…


Turning Plans into Reality: Real Examples of Custom Automation Projects

24 August 2023 | By Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc.

Watch our industry experts to learn about the tangible benefits and best practice of custom flow cytometry automation projects. You’ll discover how to reduce your challenges implementing tailored automation, controlling the quality of the data produced and improving the reliability of your data acquisition.