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Human neuronal cells: possibilities in drug safety testing

26 September 2023 | By

Human derived induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) have revolutionised research and are increasingly used for toxicology screening and disease modelling. Early detection of neurotoxicity induced by potential new therapies is a major challenge, and hiPSC-neuronal cells may provide a solution. These cells demonstrate considerable promise for uncovering drug-induced perturbations to…


Japanese squirrels develop human hereditary diseases with ageing

14 September 2023 | By

Researchers at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, led by Dr Tomoaki Murakami, have uncovered a previously undocumented disease, fibrinogen Aα-chain amyloidosis, highly prevalent in Japanese squirrels, shedding light on its parallels with the human condition. Their findings offer new insights into amyloidosis and its potential implications for medical research.


SH2 domains as a target class in cancer and inflammation

25 July 2023 | By Eurofins Discovery

New SH2 domain binding assays developed by Eurofins Discovery have been launched to support drug discovery initiatives in the protein-protein interaction space and in targeted protein degradation. We present small molecule case study data for important targets within this target class including STAT Transcription factors and Kinases.