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Pharmacometabolomics as the key to personalised medicine

12 June 2016 | By ,

Blanketed administration of drugs to all populations assumes that all patients respond similarly. Despite pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to develop drugs with large therapeutic windows, there are often and inevitably subpopulations of individuals who will either not respond to therapy or will respond with adverse effects...


Phenotypic Screening in Drug Discovery

28 September 2015 | By Charles River

This webinar describes an approach to phenotypic discovery through bioprofiling in human primary cell-based assays across several disease areas (case study)...


The importance of adequately triaging hits from HTS campaigns

19 June 2015 | By , ,

High throughput screening (HTS) continues to be employed in drug discovery as the primary source of identifying chemical starting points for drug discovery and tool compounds for chemical biology, respectively. Although small molecule drug discovery efforts have focused largely upon enzyme, receptor and ion-channel targets, there has been an increase…