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Beyond the lab: screening

13 June 2024 | By

This report provides exclusive access to content on innovative screening methods to improve detection and diagnosis of prevalent conditions like cancer and metabolic disease, with expert insights from leading professionals in the field.


The future of mRNA biology and AI convergence

21 December 2023 | By

In the rapidly evolving landscape of mRNA biology and artificial intelligence (AI), Anima Biotech stands at the forefront, a unique approach that reshapes our understanding of diseases and transforms the drug discovery process. mRNA biology holds immense potential with RNAi drugs in the market and mRNA vaccines showing promise, particularly…


2023 and beyond: revolutionising drug discovery

26 January 2023 | By

Drug discovery trends in 2023 will change the way we conduct science and result in entirely new, more efficient, and effective research paradigms. Through increased public-private partnerships, multidisciplinary collaboration and patient engagement in the drug discovery process, we will see new vaccines and therapies getting to the public faster and…