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Stem Cells


Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialised cells and can divide to produce more stem cells.

Upstream Bioprocessing In-Depth Focus 2018

10 September 2018 | By

In this In-Depth Focus: upstream cell culture processes for the production of therapeutic proteins, the evolving role of three-dimensional in-vitro cell culture techniques in drug discovery, and human iPSCs-derived functional cells are revolutionising phenotypic drug discovery and development.

Expert view: Multiplexed screens in biologics discovery

7 September 2018 | By

Biologics are the fastest growing class of therapeutics in the biopharmaceutical industry. A key driver for this growth is success with anti-cancer immunotherapeutics such as checkpoint modulation, adoptive cell therapy and bispecific T-cell engagers. While these approaches use different tactics to attack tumours, they often employ monoclonal antibodies to target…

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