Drug Target Review – Issue #4 2015

Posted: 3 December 2015 | Drug Target Review | 3 comments

Included in this issue: Biomarkers, Mass Spectrometry, Target Validation, Drug Development, Personalised Medicines, Next-Generation Sequencing, Protein Expression, Companion Diagnostics, and much more…

DTR Issue 4 2015

In Issue #4 2015 of Drug Target Review:

  • FOREWORD: Avoid falling off a ladder and into the dock
    Jacob Gifford Head, Thomas More Chambers
  • BIOMARKERS: Biomarkers as molecular footprints for cancer therapy: current perspectives and promises
    Mahfoozur Rahman and Vikas Kumar, Sam Higginbottom, Institute of Agriculture, Technology & Sciences, Sarwar Beg, Panjab University, and Firoz Anwar, King Abdulaziz University
    With articles from Michelle M. Hill, University of Queensland, and Nicola Burgess-Brown, Rod Chalk, Claire Strain-Damerell and Pravin Mahajan, Structural Genomics Consortium
  • TARGET VALIDATION: The challenges associated with ‘de-risking’ early-stage therapeutic targets
    Ahmad Kamal, Debbie Taylor, Tim Chapman and Catherine Kettleborough, MRC Technology’s Centre for Therapeutics Discovery
  • DRUG DEVELOPMENT: Enabling new targets by integrated lead discovery
    Ulrich Schopfer and Sylvain Cottens, Novartis
  • PERSONALISED MEDICINES: 3D printing – A new era for personalised medicines?
    Dr Simon Gaisford, University College London School of Pharmacy
  • NEXT-GENERATION SEQUENCING: Next-generation transcriptomic analysis in cancer vascular research
    Joseph W. Wragg and Roy Bicknell, University of Birmingham
  • PROTEIN EXPRESSION: The growing potential of plant-made monoclonal antibodies
    Qiang “Shawn” Chen and Huafang Lai, Arizona State University
  • COMPANION DIAGNOSTICS: Challenges in the development of pharmacist-based point-of-care tests
    Allison M. Dering-Anderson and Meagan Doyle, University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy

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    It appears an attractive journal

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    Nice work to you and your team for putting together such interesting topics.

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