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3D printing



eBook: Advancing 3D Culture Imaging For Biopharma

12 October 2023 | By

Download this FREE eBook, which explores some of the challenges encountered when imaging 3D culture models such as organoids and spheroids, and sheds light on innovative microscopy solutions that can empower scientists to make new advances in areas such as regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and disease research.


How organoids can redefine pre-clinical research

22 September 2023 | By

Organoids, lab-grown 3D structures that mimic human organs, are redefining preclinical research through bypassing the ethical and practical limitations of animal models. Technological advancements in organoid research, including automation and improved analytical tools, promise to unlock new possibilities by streamlining the application of these 3D structures to enhance drug development…


Drug Target Review Imaging ebook

16 June 2022 | By

In this section, Dr Peter O’Toole, University of York, examines innovation in the field of microscopy for drug discovery and development research, while in an exclusive Q&A, Dr Michael Grange, Rosalind Franklin Institute, discusses the advantages of utilising cryo-electron tomography imaging.