Sphere Fluidics Ltd.

Sphere Fluidics Ltd.

The Jonas Webb Building,
Babraham Research Campus,
Babraham, Cambridge
CB22 3AT, United Kingdom

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+44 (0) 1223 804200


Sphere Fluidics (SF) is an established Life Sciences company providing single-cell-analysis and monoclonality-assurance systems for biotherapeutic discovery and development. The Company has a portfolio of 79 patents (40 granted), 16 registered trademarks and 32 products comprising of hardware, software and consumables.

Cyto-Mine®, underpinned by the Company’s patented picodroplet technology, integrates selective screening of tens-of-millions of single cells, sorting, isolation and clone verification into an automated platform. This streamlines workflows, reduces costs and improves throughput to enable high-value clones to be captured in a single run.

Applications & Methods