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Sheraz Gul (Fraunhofer-IME SP)



A high-throughput approach for measuring intracellular ATP levels to access compound-mediated cellular toxicity

30 November 2018 | By , , ,

Many drugs fail in clinical trials due to toxicity-related issues; therefore, drug-mediated cellular toxicity should be determined at an early stage in the drug discovery value chain. There are many assay systems that can be utilised to measure cellular toxicity. In this article we demonstrate that intracellular ATP concentrations are…


Application note: The reliability of assay-ready plates for cell-based screening enabled by the Echo® 550 Liquid handler

9 June 2017 | By , , ,

In this application note, Sheraz Gul (Fraunhofer-IME SP), Markus Wolf (Fraunhofer-IME SP), Enda O’Connell (National University of Ireland Galway) and Howard Fearnhead (National University of Ireland Galway), demonstrate that the Echo 550 Liquid Handler can precisely and accurately transfer nanolitre volumes of compound with acoustic energy in a completely contact-free…


The importance of adequately triaging hits from HTS campaigns

19 June 2015 | By , ,

High throughput screening (HTS) continues to be employed in drug discovery as the primary source of identifying chemical starting points for drug discovery and tool compounds for chemical biology, respectively. Although small molecule drug discovery efforts have focused largely upon enzyme, receptor and ion-channel targets, there has been an increase…