Metrion extends collaboration with LifeArc

Metrion Biosciences Limited and LifeArc, today announced an extension of their existing partnership…


Metrion Biosciences Limited (Metrion) and LifeArc, today announced an extension of their existing partnership, to support LifeArc’s neuroscience drug discovery programme.

Metrion will provide validated ion channel and electrophysiology-based assays and safety profiling services, and LifeArc will conduct medicinal chemistry aimed at identifying novel modulators of an undisclosed CNS ion channel target. 

In addition, Metrion will contribute translational research expertise to evaluate the activity of LifeArc compounds in human neuronal networks, Metrion will provide translational assay support by applying its extensive background knowledge in ion channel research, microelectrode array (MEA) technology, and access to its CiPA-compliant cardiac safety assays.  

Dr Andrew Southan, Chief Operating Officer, Metrion Biosciences, said: “The Metrion team has a long history of developing, validating, and providing specialist ion channel assays to optimise and select development candidate molecules.  We believe combining this with translational neuroscience and microelectrode array capability, as we are in this promising project with LifeArc, may be particularly successful in CNS research.”

Justin Bryans, Executive Director, Drug Discovery, LifeArc, commented: “LifeArc is committed to working with cutting edge organisations such as Metrion, capitalising on our combined expertise and capabilities to advance programmes addressing human health. Our previous experience in working with the team at Metrion has been excellent, and we look forward to continuing the relationship.”

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