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Biomarkers In-Depth Focus 2017

15 March 2017 | By , , , , ,

Drug developers sometimes think of imaging as an emerging discipline. But John Waterton, Paul Hockings, Juliana Maynard and Caleb Roberts explain how imaging biomarkers are transforming drug development. Francesco Gatto and Jens Nielsen, from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, discuss moving towards systems biomarkers for cancer diagnosis...


How imaging biomarkers are transforming drug development

15 January 2017 | By , , ,

Drug developers sometimes think of imaging as an emerging discipline, full of esoteric technologies of marginal relevance to real-world clinical drug development. In fact, the opposite is true: imaging measurements (imaging biomarkers) are used daily in drug development and in personalised medicine. They assess target engagement and receptor occupancy in…


Alzheimer’s research shows period pain-killer completely reverses memory loss

11 August 2016 | By University of Manchester

Transgenic mice that develop symptoms of Alzheimer's disease were used with one group of 10 treated with mefenamic acid, and 10 with a placebo. The mice were treated at a time when they had developed memory problems. After one month's treatment, memory loss was completely reversed back to the levels…


A safe way to deliver drugs to the placenta

9 May 2016 | By Victoria White, Digital Content Producer

Researchers from the University of Manchester have devised a method to selectively deliver drugs to a pregnant woman’s placenta without harming the foetus...