DiscoverX BioMAP® Tox alert™ analysis

In vitro detection of potential in vivo toxicity and adverse events…

The negative impact of a Phase I clinical trial failure cannot be underestimated and highlights the critical need to identify signs of potential adverse events as early as possible.

Unfortunately, current preclinical methods used to assess compound safety are undermined by both a lack of correlation to human effects and absence of large enough datasets to draw meaningful conclusions. Even animal models that are able to identify adverse events do not translate to humans and are themselves expensive and time consuming for the quality of data achieved. In contrast, by comparing the biomarker activity of a compound to a database of over 4,500 clinical, failed, and reference compounds and their clinical side effects, the BioMAP Tox Alert Analysis Service is able to accurately and affordably identify potential toxicities and classify candidates based on known mechanism classes.


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