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Cell Line Development



Cell line development for therapeutic proteins – current perspectives and future opportunities

26 March 2020 | By

Development of cell line expression systems to produce biologic medicines is complex, multi-stage and time consuming, requiring specific expertise and access to suitable technologies. This can limit the development of novel medicines to existing users and may restrict companies developing new medicines. In this article, major methods and technologies used…


Spotlighting data in upstream bioprocesses – a recipe for quick and successful cell lines

17 September 2019 | By

Upstream bioprocessing is the epicentre of biologics development, wherein scientists piece together a series of carefully chosen processes with contributing components and parameters to enable the production of highly effective biotherapeutics. Unjulie Bhanot explains why an effective data management system is vital in this quest for the next big therapeutic.


Cell line development – global market drivers, trends and its impact on improving biologics development from early phase to IND during the drug discovery process

19 March 2019 | By

Cell line development is a major step for examining the efficiency of drug discovery, toxicity and in vitro testing. It reduces time, effort and cost, which minimises the chance of research drugs failing at the clinical trial stage. This stage involves the production of recombinant proteins such as monoclonal antibodies,…