High performance computing for high content screening – A case study

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28 March 2017

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28 March 2017

High Performance Computing for High Content Screening – A Case Study

Using today’s data analysis systems, researchers conducting phenotypic screening campaigns at pharmaceutical companies processing approximately 500,000 compounds, estimate an image and data analysis time of at least three months.

Furthermore, multiple disparate software systems are used at various stages of the workflow including image analysis, cell level data analysis, well level data analysis, hit stratification, multivariate/machine learning data analysis and visualisation, reporting, collaboration and persistence.

In this webinar, PerkinElmer and AMRI will present a case study wherein High-Performance Computing (HPC) was leveraged for ultimate performance in image and data analysis of High Content Screening experiments.

Learn how to:

  • Complete Batch re-analysis jobs in days
  • Complete Clustering and other machine learning methods in minutes
  • Balance flexibility, automation, and scalability for large and small organisations


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