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Product hub: Enhancing drug discovery and development with cutting-edge microplate readers

Posted: 29 June 2023 | | No comments yet

Dr Marina Junqueira explores the main research interest of a lab focusing on opioids, cannabinoids, terpenoids and 5HT receptor agonists with the aim to understand the molecular-level signaling of drugs and how polymorphisms can affect this process.

The article highlights the potential benefits of this research for drug discovery and development, particularly in improving therapeutic effects and reducing adverse effects. Additionally, it emphasises the importance of high-quality microplate readers, such as BMG LABTECH’s PHERAstar, in supporting these studies by providing efficient and accurate data collection capabilities.

Marina is a Senior Lecturer at the Macquarie Medical School, Sydney, Australia. After years of working as a community pharmacist, she came to Macquarie University for a PhD in Pharmacology, where she researched the effect of single nucleotide polymorphisms and phosphomutation of the mu-opioid receptor. Today, she teaches pharmacology, research and professional practice; she continues researching the molecular pharmacology of cannabinoids, 5HT receptor agonists and opioids.

Read the following article where we cover:

  • Molecular pharmacology
  • How drug discovery and development can profit from research on particular drugs
  • Microplate reader requirements
  • Opioids, cannabinoids, terpenoids and 5HT receptor agonists.