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Application note: Increasing throughput with dual emission AlphaLISA-AlphaPlex assay and simultaneous dual emission detection

5 October 2018 | By

Multiplexing AlphaLISA type assays will increase throughput while sample expenditure and costs are minimised. The ability of the PHERAstar FS microplate reader to perform simultaneous dual emission detection of this assay will allow users to double the information obtained from each well in the same amount of time as needed…


Application note: NanoBRETTM assay for monitoring of ligand binding to GPCRs in live cells, using the CLARIOstar® and the PHERAstar® FS

17 September 2018 | By

Due to the crucial role of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) in mediating cellular responses to external stimuli, these receptors have been and will remain a prime focus for medical research and the pharmaceutical industry for many years to come. Their importance is especially highlighted by the statistic that 30-50% of…