Product hub: High-throughput screening of cyclic peptide libraries for developing drugs to challenging targets

Posted: 28 September 2021 | | No comments yet

Professor Christian Heinis explains how peptides could offer the next generation of therapeutics and what is required to screen libraries of cyclic peptides.

Your lab is known for the development of cyclic peptides as drugs. How do they differ from conventional compounds and what are their benefits?

Cyclic peptides have excellent binding properties, allowing them to bind to targets with flat, featureless surfaces for which it can be difficult or impossible to develop ligands based on classical small molecules. Another strength of cyclic peptides is their typically low toxicity due to their high target specificity and because their degradation results in amino acids. Yet another advantage of cyclic peptides is the availability of powerful techniques to develop them, for example, phage display or solid-phase peptide synthesis.

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