Meet the editorial board members who influenced the Spring 2015 issue

Editor Caroline Richards talks about the editorial board members who have influenced the content coming up in the latest issue of Drug Target Review, available in April 2015…

Drug Target Review’s Editorial Board consists of industry experts who help to shape and guide our editorial content, bringing the very latest news, technologies and breakthroughs to our readers. A full overview of our editorial board can be found here. Several board members have contributed and influenced the content coming up in the latest issue of Drug target Review, available in April 2015.

Sheraz Gul has contributed the Foreword for issue 1 of DTR. In his write-up, Gul discusses the need to address the challenges of ensuring robust and accurate target validation in progressing small molecule drug discovery. Sheraz is Vice President and Head of Biology at Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME.

James Adjaye has also contributed to the first issue of the year, with an article co-written with his colleagues from the Institute for Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine at Heinrich-Heine University, Germany. Along with Nina Graffmann, Peggy Matz and Wasco Wruck, James discusses the potential of using induced pluripotent stem cells for drug induced liver injury, toxicology and drug discovery. The review summarises technical advances toward the generation of potentially clinically-relevant human iPSCs. James is Chair of Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine at Heinrich Heine University.

Meanwhile, Justin Bryans recommended Kerstin Papenfuss from MRC Technology to write an article on drug targets in issue 1, and her article, entitled ‘Immune checkpoint inhibitors: targets on the horizon’ will appear within a Drug Targets In Depth Focus supplement. Justin is Director of Drug Discovery at the Centre for Therapeutics Discovery MRC Technology.

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