Expert view: High-throughput screening – make an impact by removing barriers

For drug discovery and biomarker research, screening campaigns are employed to identify potential new treatments for diseases and to answer questions that remain unknown in the scientific community.

From assay development and library screening to hit identification – the hands-on time and maintaining traceability of your cells and compounds can be overwhelming. To meet the pressures associated with timelines and costs, liquid handling automation is a natural fit to remove human error and to process more scientific data in the lab and drive overall success.

Compound management, cell maintenance, and assay sample preparation for several endpoint analysers all require instrument flexibility between campaigns and to reliably manage each sample with the precision a scientist expects. The Biomek platform manages your workflow needs while keeping the configuration flexibility as your workflows evolve. Example workflows include small molecule and monoclonal antibody screening, high content screening, phage, or cell line selection.

We understand that automation is only part of your process, so our team will consult with you and engage our network of partners to determine your specific needs and challenges and provide you with access to complementary technologies for solutions that enhance your operations and enable reproducible results.

Our systems answer your screening needs by providing:

  • A flexible system that allows you to do as little or as much as you need from a simple assay to a complex screen
  • Integration of other devices, as we continually add to our library of over 300 device integrations
  • Small to large volume pipetting mechanisms to/from low- to high-density plates and tubes
  • Precise scheduling to provide consistent plate-to-plate treatment, across your daily throughput requirements
  • Simplified data management software that allows you to easily generate reports for analysis without the need of assistance from IT
  • Confidence that the system will do its job every day, so you can do yours.

From simple on-deck devices to complete robotic systems, we can develop focused, yet flexible, Biomek-based solutions by integrating Beckman Coulter and third-party instruments.

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