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Decoding cell therapy variants with Dr Andy Bader

1 September 2023 | By

The field of cell therapy has emerged as a beacon of hope, promising transformative treatments for various diseases. Diving into the intricacies of this domain, this exclusive interview explores the distinctions between two key approaches – autologous and allogeneic cell therapies. We look at the nuances of cell sourcing, preclinical…

Women in Stem with Theonie Anastassiadis

29 August 2023 | By

Join us for our monthly Women in STEM series where we showcase and celebrate the achievements of inspiring women in the field. This month we interview Theonie Anastassiadis, Cofounder & Chief Innovation Officer of Alltrna and Senior Principal of Flagship Pioneering. As a senior principal at Flagship Pioneering, Theonie conceives,…

The potential of FcγRIIB in immunotherapy

17 August 2023 | By

We exclusively interview Dr Ali Roghanian, Associate Professor at the University of Southampton, UK, Ali is a leading researcher at the forefront of immunotherapy advancements. With a keen focus on the inhibitory IgG FcγRIIB receptor, join us as we dive into Ali’s findings, showcasing the complexities of FcγRIIB and its…

A Molecular Portrait of ALS and FTD

9 August 2023 | By

In the sections that follow, we dive in on the latest research describing the underlying causes of ALS and a closely related condition known as frontotemporal dementia (FTD), two forms of neurodegenerative disease that share striking similarities in their molecular pathologies.