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Navigating the challenges of cell therapies

8 November 2023 | By

Cell therapies hold great potential for treating complex diseases, yet they face significant limitations and challenges. Current cell therapies have difficulty distinguishing between healthy and cancerous cells, often resulting in adverse effects. Vittoria's innovative Senza5 platform, with its unique CD5-targeting approach, aims to enhance the efficacy, safety, and speed of…

The power of combinations in blood cancers

6 November 2023 | By , ,

Haematology research is a cradle of innovation, with many firsts in therapeutic approaches utilising the latest technology for the treatment of blood cancers. Anas Younes, Senior Vice President, Head of Haematology Oncology Research and Development at AstraZeneca, envisions a future where potential cures are within reach for more blood cancers…

Cancer drug discovery: protein-ligand interactions

1 November 2023 | By

Dr Rob van Montfort, a leading researcher at the Centre for Cancer Drug Discovery (CCDD) within The Institute of Cancer Research, London, is at the forefront of cancer drug discovery. Focusing on protein-ligand interactions, his work utilises structural biology and biochemical methods to help the discovery of novel small-molecule drugs…

Women in Stem with Ashley Hall

31 October 2023 | By

"Throughout my education I was discouraged by many around me." - This October edition of our Women in Stem series spotlights Ashley Hall, Chief Development Officer of Reneo Pharmaceuticals. Ashley shares her experiences, challenges, and insights. Her STEM journey began with a fascination for science, leading her to overcome initial…