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The vision of neuroscience with Stephanie Proaño

11 January 2024 | By ,

Stephanie Proaño, an Applications Scientist at Cell Microsystems shares profound insights into her neuroscience journey. From challenging the historical underrepresentation of women in brain research to navigating the complexities of studying sex differences, Stephanie's career has been defined by pivotal moments. She discusses the importance of inclusivity in science, recounting…

Unique self-activating proteins for drug discovery

5 January 2024 | By , , ,

Naegleria fowleri infections are rare but almost invariably fatal, with pathologic sequelae spawning its common label as ‘the brain-eating amoeba’. Researchers identified two unique proteins within N. fowleri – self-activating guanine nucleotide-hydrolysing proteins (G proteins) – that present novel targets for drug discovery. This article summarises their work to date,…

Advancing regenerative cell therapy development

4 January 2024 | By

In this interview we discuss with Alder Therapeutics regenerative cell therapy development through a proactive strategy, addressing manufacturing challenges early and ensuring a streamlined process. We explore an approach in pluripotent stem cell therapy development which eliminates complexities, minimises costs and expedites the delivery of transformative therapies.