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New immune targets to improve survival from sepsis

5 July 2022 | By , ,

In a pre-clinical study, researchers from the US set out to develop a treatment for sepsis. Here, Daniel Morales-Mantilla, Dr Robin Parihar and Dr Katherine King, from Baylor College of Medicine, describe how they utilised haematopoietic stem and progenitor cell infusion to improve the survival of mice from sepsis.

Chiral nanostructures could help accelerate drug discovery

21 June 2022 | By ,

A new photonic effect in semiconducting helical particles with nanoscale dimensions has been discovered by an international team of scientists from the University of Bath, UK and the University of Michigan, US. Here, Professors Nicholas Kotov and Ventsislav Valev discuss their study and the observed effect which has the potential…

Miniaturising organoid drug screens using nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogels

21 June 2022 | By ,

Drug testing on advanced cell-based models such as organoids has gained in popularity, but significant technical hurdles remain that prevent further assay miniaturisation and higher assay throughput. Through the replacement of animal-derived basement membranes with wood-derived nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogel (NFC), Dr Tijmen Booij and Dr Christian Stirnimann from ETH Zurich,…