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Drug Target Review Flow Cytometry ebook 2021

13 December 2021 | By

This ebook includes articles on flow cytometry in drug discovery and how it is applied to leishmaniasis research. Also included is a piece on how flow cytometry is being used to support the translational research of immuno-oncology therapies.

Drug Target Review Upstream Bioprocessing ebook 2021

13 December 2021 | By

In this ebook, find an article on 3D tissue cultures from biopsy samples to evaluate the preservation of tissue-typical protein expressions as well as a piece on a new process analytical technology (PAT) system to assess N-glycosylation during upstream cell culture bioprocessing.

Drug Target Review – Issue 4 2021

13 December 2021 | By

This issue includes articles that discuss the development of long-term 3D tissue cultures from human biopsy samples, the application of flow cytometry in drug discovery and automation for upstream processing in a biologics manufacturing environment. Also included are features on informatics, proteomics and CRISPR. 

Target safety assessments – identifying risk early

18 November 2021 | By

With an ever-increasing emphasis on minimising drug candidate attrition, scientists are focusing on target safety at earlier points in the research process. In this exclusive interview, Drug Target Review spoke with Dr Gordon Baxter, Chief Scientific Officer of Instem, to learn how target safety assessments can enable researchers to quickly…

Targeting SARS-CoV-2 replication with inhibitors of lipid metabolism

30 September 2021 | By

One approach towards efficient drug targeting efforts for COVID-19 is to repurpose medicines developed for other diseases. Here, Professor Christopher Basler outlines a recent study, published in Cell Reports, where scientists from the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University, US, in collaboration with industry partners, developed assays to…

High-throughput 3D cell migration assays in organ-on-a-chip technologies

30 September 2021 | By , , ,

Organ-on-a-chip models can provide an alternative to cell cultures, animal models and traditional assays. In this article, Dr Désirée Goubert, Thomas Olivier, Luuk de Haan and Dr Lenie van den Broek explore the advantages of organ-on-a-chip technologies and how they can enable the in vitro study of three-dimensional (3D) cell migration in…