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Drug Target Review Stem Cells ebook

16 June 2022 | By

This ebook includes a piece by Daniel Morales- Mantilla, Dr Robin Parihar and Dr Katherine King, from Baylor College of Medicine, on a stem and progenitor cell infusion to improve the survival of mice from sepsis as well as an article by Dr Karen Litwa, East Carolina University, that explores…

Drug Target Review Imaging ebook

16 June 2022 | By

In this section, Dr Peter O’Toole, University of York, examines innovation in the field of microscopy for drug discovery and development research, while in an exclusive Q&A, Dr Michael Grange, Rosalind Franklin Institute, discusses the advantages of utilising cryo-electron tomography imaging.

Drug Target Review Screening ebook

15 June 2022 | By

This ebook features insights into the discovery of a new non-linear chiroptical effect for characterising nanohelices in miniscule volumes, and a novel organoid drug-screening platform with numerous eco benefits.

Drug Target Review Cell & Gene Therapy ebook

15 June 2022 | By

This ebook features articles from gene therapy specialists that look at current platforms as well as the future of promising modalities for gene therapies. It also tackles novel stem cell technology considerations and gives insight into the careful balancing act between efficacy and safety in gene therapy.

Drug Target Review – Issue 2 2022

14 June 2022 | By

In this issue are articles focusing on a novel stem cell therapy for hearing loss, how a non-linear chiroptical effect could aid drug discovery and the advantages of cryo-electron tomography for imaging research. Also included are pieces on gene therapy, spheroids and genomics. 

Viewing disease through the lens of memory B cells: improving cancer and infectious disease treatment

11 April 2022 | By

Looking at disease through a patient’s memory B cells can reveal vulnerabilities within pathogens. In this article, Dr Purnanand Sarma, President and Chief Executive Officer of Immunome, explores how advancements in memory B-cell antibody-based treatments will improve our understanding of how these cells can aid in fighting cancer and other diseases.

Emerging trends in biotherapeutic development

11 April 2022 | By , , , ,

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the discovery and development of biotherapeutics, for both the treatment and prevention of diseases. In this article, industry experts discuss the emerging trends they see in biotherapeutic development and how they predict the field will evolve in the near future.

The growth of cell line development

7 April 2022 | By

The rising number of biologics approved for therapeutic use has placed an emphasis on safe and efficient production lines. Here, Drug Target Review’s Editor Victoria Rees considers why biotherapeutic development is likely to prompt significant growth for the cell line market in the next decade.