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Advancing neurological therapies with Dr Bruce Leuchter

1 February 2024 | By

In the world of neuroscience, where the unmet medical need is vast and diverse, the journey to develop and commercialise treatments for neurological diseases, including rare conditions, is fraught with challenges. In this insightful interview with Dr Bruce Leuchter, President and CEO at Neurvati Neurosciences, with over two decades of…

The promise of 3A5C7 mAb in the treatment of morphine tolerance

30 January 2024 | By ,

Morphine is a frequently used analgesic that activates the mu-opioid receptor (MOR), which has prominent side effects of tolerance. A monoclonal antibody (mAb) precisely targeting MOR, named as 3A5C7, was developed to treat morphine tolerance by enhancing morphine-induced MOR endocytosis via GRK2/β-arrestin2 pathway. In this Q&A session with Dr Jia-Jia…

The vision of neuroscience with Stephanie Proaño

11 January 2024 | By ,

Stephanie Proaño, an Applications Scientist at Cell Microsystems shares profound insights into her neuroscience journey. From challenging the historical underrepresentation of women in brain research to navigating the complexities of studying sex differences, Stephanie's career has been defined by pivotal moments. She discusses the importance of inclusivity in science, recounting…