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Fighting HIV: could antibodies be the answer?

1 April 2021 | By

Although a cure for HIV continues to elude scientists, strategies to control the virus and immunise people are developing at rapid pace. Here, Drug Target Review’s Victoria Rees discusses why researchers are focusing on antibodies as approaches to combat HIV and highlights recent findings from two pre-clinical studies into how…

The development of biomaterial-based vaccine platforms against viruses

31 March 2021 | By , ,

Recent years have seen an increase in the development of biomaterial and nanoparticle-based vaccine formulations. Sushma Kumari, Sonal Asthana and Kaushik Chatterjee from the Department of Materials Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science discuss why these materials have such high potential in the fight against infectious diseases.

Broad T-cell responses: designing a rhinovirus vaccine

31 March 2021 | By

The multiple serotypes of rhinovirus have presented difficulties for vaccine developers. Now, a team led by Professor Gary McLean from London Metropolitan University and Imperial College London, alongside Professor Sebastian Johnston from Imperial, has formulated a potential vaccine. Nikki Withers spoke to McLean to discover how the vaccine works and…

A novel assay to reveal cyclic peptides with affinity to ubiquitin

31 March 2021 | By

Although macrocyclic peptides make for promising pharmaceutical candidates, screening for lead peptides has proved difficult for scientists. In a new study, researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology addressed these challenges by developing a novel high-throughput screening assay for cyclic peptides with affinity to the ubiquitin protein. Drug Target Review’s…

Drug Target Review Assays ebook 2021

26 March 2021 | By

In this ebook, find articles exploring some of the assays used to identify the most promising COVID-19 drugs and discussing the development of a novel assay to reveal potential peptide therapeutics for cancer.