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Drug Target Review Neuroscience eBook 2023

5 October 2023 | By

Explore cutting-edge neuroscience insights through an exclusive interview with Dr Olga Chechneva on nuclear interactions in the mouse brain and a groundbreaking study by MIT researchers revealing key aspects of Alzheimer's disease. Download your FREE eBook!

Women in Stem with Dr Emily Leproust

28 September 2023 | By

This September edition of our Women in Stem series spotlights Dr Emily Leproust, CEO of Twist Bioscience. Dr Leproust began her STEM journey from a background in chemistry, eventually leading her to the forefront of DNA synthesis technology. She co-founded Twist Bioscience in 2013, now a thriving company reporting substantial…

Human neuronal cells: possibilities in drug safety testing

26 September 2023 | By

Human derived induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) have revolutionised research and are increasingly used for toxicology screening and disease modelling. Early detection of neurotoxicity induced by potential new therapies is a major challenge, and hiPSC-neuronal cells may provide a solution. These cells demonstrate considerable promise for uncovering drug-induced perturbations to…

How organoids can redefine pre-clinical research

22 September 2023 | By

Organoids, lab-grown 3D structures that mimic human organs, are redefining preclinical research through bypassing the ethical and practical limitations of animal models. Technological advancements in organoid research, including automation and improved analytical tools, promise to unlock new possibilities by streamlining the application of these 3D structures to enhance drug development…

Possible adulticidal drugs for Onchocerca volvulus

21 September 2023 | By

This article discusses the need for adulticidal drugs to treat Onchocerca volvulus infections, a parasite causing onchocerciasis (river blindness), as the current treatment with ivermectin and surgery presents challenges for affected communities. It highlights research findings on the potential of analgesic medicines to target adult worms and emphasises the importance…