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Women in STEM with Michelle Arkin

31 July 2023 | By

Join us for our monthly Women in STEM series where we showcase and celebrate the achievements of inspiring women in the field. Step into the world of scientific innovation with Michelle Arkin, a visionary chemical biologist who leads the way as a Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at UCSF.…

Condensate biology: advancing drug discovery for complex diseases

13 July 2023 | By

In this interview with Drug Target Review’s Izzy Wood and Dr Isaac Klein, Chief Scientific Officer at Dewpoint Therapeutics, discuss the innovative potential of condensate biology in revolutionising drug discovery. By targeting disease-driving condensates, Dewpoint’s research pushes boundaries by offering new hope for tackling diseases like ALS and colorectal cancer.

Unleashing the power of AI in target discovery and resilience against disease

11 July 2023 | By

In this interview Drug Target Review’s Izzy Wood and Olivia Cavlan, Chief Corporate Development and Strategy Officer at Alchemab Therapeutics Ltd, uncover the untapped potential of AI in target discovery. Alchemab’s revolutionary platform aims to identify common antibodies in resilient individuals and uncover the antigens that contribute to their disease-fighting…

The future of central nervous system research

10 July 2023 | By

Central nervous system (CNS) research is making breakthroughs with innovative therapies and next-generation technologies. Researchers are now able to use human tissue to identify relevant novel drug targets and biomarkers for a broad range of CNS diseases including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. As our understanding of the brain…