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Drug Target Review – Issue #3 2015

21 September 2015 | By Drug Target Review

Included in this issue: Drug Development, Microfluidics, Proteomics, Ion Channels, GPCR, Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Enzymes

Imaging In-Depth Focus 2015

21 September 2015 | By , , , ,

In our Imaging In-Depth Focus: Dimitri Scholz and Jeremy C. Simpson from University College Dublin discuss trends in contemporary microscopy, Rudi Marquez and Zuzana Flachbartova share the bright future for molecular probes and Grischa Chandy from Molecular Devices LLC discusses changes and advantages with HCS microscopy...

Immunogenicity: anticipating and avoiding issues for biopharmaceutical development

21 September 2015 | By

All biopharmaceutical products are associated with an intrinsic potential to induce immune responses in treated subjects. Regulatory agencies expect sponsors to evaluate and mitigate these risks during product development, applying a strategy that addresses product- and patient-related factors. Overall, understanding and controlling immunogenicity-related risks are attainable objectives, and approvability should…

Microfluidic technology: the next-generation drug discovery tool

21 September 2015 | By ,

Microfluidic miniaturisation, or the so-called ‘lab-on-a-chip’ concept, now encroaches on the fields of biology, medicine and pharmacology, and the nature of microfluidic technology (small volumes and high-throughput integration of fluid connections) means that it is outperforming conventional bench work. There has been an incredible need for microfluidic technology in the…

Ion channels: Small molecules versus biologics – the quest for the ideal Nav1.7 inhibitor

21 September 2015 | By ,

Ion channels modulate and control many fundamental physiological processes in various tissues and alterations in their functions give rise to a wide range of pathophysiologies, which makes them important drug targets. Indeed, for decades, drugs modulating ion channel activity have been targeted by the pharmaceutical industry. Historically, however, developing drugs…

Flow cytometry: Not just a box in the lab

21 September 2015 | By

Undoubtedly, you will have noticed the increase in the number of publications utilising flow cytometry, heard it mentioned more in meetings and probably even been targeted by several companies trying to sell you their latest cytometer. The rapidly advancing technology behind the cytometer and an increase in applications that use…