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University of Kansas



A high-throughput macrodomain assay to identify coronavirus drugs

22 September 2022 | By ,

In the search for a rapid, easy way to identify drugs to fight SARS-CoV-2, researchers from across the US came together to develop and apply a high-throughput ADP-ribosylhydrolase assay, ADPr-Glo. Here, Dr Veronica Busa and Dr Anthony Leung from Johns Hopkins University describe the ADPr-Glo assay and how it can be…


Fighting HIV: could antibodies be the answer?

1 April 2021 | By

Although a cure for HIV continues to elude scientists, strategies to control the virus and immunise people are developing at rapid pace. Here, Drug Target Review’s Victoria Rees discusses why researchers are focusing on antibodies as approaches to combat HIV and highlights recent findings from two pre-clinical studies into how…