LANCE (Lanthanide chelate excite) is a TR-FRET (time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer), homogenous, no wash technology.

A simple, highly-sensitive, and highly-reproducible platform for detection, quantitation and screening in microplate format. From biomarker detection assays to cAMP/GPCR studies to kinase and epigenetic assays, our LANCE® and LANCE Ultra TR-FRET technologies provide:

  • Time-resolved measurement for clearer signal resolution
  • Homogeneous (no wash steps, no separation steps)
  • Robust sensitivity
  • Long signal stability
  • Highly reproducible results

LANCE europium chelates are optimised for assay performance, signal level, energy transfer efficiency, background and sensitivity of the assay to interferences. The results are a superior S: B ratio and a very sensitive TR-FRET assay. You use less label and get more efficient use of assay reagents.

We also offer acceptor dyes that decrease steric hindrance while maximising signal for labelled substrates, as well as those that provide a broad, antenna-like structure to help align fluorophores for optimal TR-FRET signal, making them excellent for measuring large binding interactions.

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